Who is the Great Cornholio?


From our Separated at Birth Department – this just in! Kellyanne Conway has been reunited with her long lost twin Beavis! Congrats! But who is the Great Cornholio? There can be only one.

News From the Political Speculum


How is it that Turkey can arrest 1000s of journalists and ‪#‎Trump‬‪#‎Pence‬ can only block a few reporters from their rallies? Baby steps I guess. Meanwhile, on the other side of the political speculum, ‪#‎ChelseaClinton‬ will introduce the Nation’s mother-in-law ‪#‎Hillary‬ at the ‪#‎DNC‬ convention. In an effort to appear reasonable, the two have agreed to split the Goldman-Sachs sponsored speaking fee of $500K. ‪#‎Demorats‬ ‪#‎Republicooks‬

Trump Is No Chump


Some say Donald Trump is a chump,

‘Neath the hair he’s sharp like a stump,

Yet the polls he’s atop,

His momentum won’t stop,

Other candidates incredulously grump.


Bush, Fiorina, Carson, Cruz…    

Thought there’s no way they could lose,

Stuck to a script, played it safe

Voters’ ears they tire and chafe,

While Donald appeals to reds – and some blues!


Trump said he will get us a wall,

Mexican built, one-hundred feet tall,

Jobs’ll appear by waving a hand,

Thoughts so incredibly grand,

The economy, like his Tower, never’ll fall.


Yes, Trump appears to be best,

Were he stock in him I’d invest,

It’s so plain to see,

He will trounce Hillary,

With some help from VP Kanye West!

A Tale of Two Johns

The juxtaposition of the spirit informing John Galt and the Spirit filling John the Apostle show how stark – how absolutely opposite – are the points of view. One that speaks is indeed the spirit of the age whilst the other is the Spirit of Ages.

Atlas Shrugged