The Tau of the Rings

hl-tau-and-its-protoplanetary-diskThe circle. Arguably the most fundamental of geometric shapes. Just a set of points equidistant from some arbitrary point called a ‘center’. And out of it comes such complex math as trigonometry and the fundamental constant called Pi which itself permeates the Cosmos.

Pictured above are quite a set of concentric circles. They come courtesy of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile and are produced by radio waves emitting from excited atoms 450 light years away in HL Tau, in the constellation of Taurus the Bull.

In a bit more detail, what are we looking at?

First, the image above is real data. It is not photo-shopped. The only manipulation is that what are otherwise invisible waves of radio energy have been translated into a visible medium which we can see. Were we humans capable of seeing radio energy, and also given the ability to resolve a penny from over one-hundred kilometers away, then the picture above is essentially what we would see on a dark night looking in the direction of HL Tau.

Second, the above is a picture of planets forming around a sun that is only about a million years old. The dark circles being traced out are cleared lanes in the disk of gas and debris which are in the process of coalescing into planets. We are seeing a solar system being born! The picture is revolutionary not only because it is that of a solar system being drawn into existence  by the Compass of God, but, prior to this picture, it was not thought planetary formation would begin so soon around a nascent star.

Third, it is strange and somewhat mystical to note that these very large and distant circles which we contemplate are themselves produced by electrons jumping up and down in their own chaotic, but semi-defined probabilistic orbits as delineated by Neils Bohr, burping out cascading waterfalls of radio energy as they fall back from their state of excitement upon absorbing the fiery radiation of their young sun.

The Circle of Life!

Circles within circles within circles … ad infinitum.

Read Like A Pirate and Smell the Scabbard!

Crappy though it may be, I proudly present my first attempt at animation promoting my even crappier book!

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A Tale of Two Johns

The juxtaposition of the spirit informing John Galt and the Spirit filling John the Apostle show how stark – how absolutely opposite – are the points of view. One that speaks is indeed the spirit of the age whilst the other is the Spirit of Ages.

Atlas Shrugged