Rosseau’s Resentment & Foreseeing Trump

In wrting the obstacle to natural harmony in society is the “insatiable craving to secure recognition for one’s person from others, which leads ‘each individual to make more of himself than of any other,’ ” Rousseau predicted the Kardashians and the selfie. But that is my Cliffs Notes summary of what I got out of Pankaj Misha’s essay How Rosseau Predicted Trump.

To go a bit deeper, Mishra seems to argue that Rousseau correctly observed the interplay of progress and human nature does little to remedy the injustices of social stratification, and in fact exacerbates them. And, skipping a few links in Mishra’s logical chain, it thus is inevitable that a Trumpian demagogue will eventually come to power in a democracy  where the elites have failed to build an egalitarian society in favor of maintaining their own power and privilege. 

Or, to abstain from the name calling Mike Pence so despises, and to acknowledge that Trump has his supporters, let’s not demean their choice and say demagogue. How about knight in shinning armor?

Hypocritical and Horny – The Ashley Madison Plaintiffs

sexy judge

Presently eight douchebags, I mean people . . . people across the United States who registered to use Ashley Madison are suing the cheating website after hackers released personal and detailed information on them and millions of other users, including credit card numbers and sexual preferences.

Now, get this. These total ass-hats, I mean people . . . people are alleging, among other things, that the cheating site Ashley Madison committed a breach of contract against them. That is, because of the theft of their personal information, both financial and fornicatory, they have been hurt such that there must be a legal remedy to assuage their injuries.

But these whoreholes, I mean people . . . people who are/were married and used Ashley Madison did far worse to their spouses than just mishandle or steal financial information, or breach a business contract. These cheaters broke sacred vows to their betrothed. They took the trust their families had in them – the trust of their life partners and their children – and smashed it – smashed it into a million fucking pieces – pieces that likely will never be mended.

These prostijerks, I mean people . . . people live in California, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, Tennessee and Minnesota. They all seek class-action status to represent the estimated 37 million other registered Ashley Madison cheaters. How righteous to represent such a worthy class of injured plaintiffs. How noble of the attorneys to advocate for such a lovely gaggle of slutnuts, I mean people . . . people.

Yeah. They’re just people. Flawed, miserable people who committed a sin against their significant others and children. We’re all sinners. We shouldn’t judge. We all need forgiveness each and every day for the stupid, malicious, selfish shit we do to each other each and every day. So, while it may seem harsh to write such a high and mighty sounding blog post about these imperfect human beings who made a bad mistake – the mistake of seeking to cheat, or actually cheating on, their “loved” ones, I’ll just add this:

There is a big difference between committing a wrong and owning up to it with contriteness, and begging for forgiveness with sincere tears in one’s eyes and one’s soul. It is quite another thing to decide to sue the website you engaged to destroy your marriage in secret after things go wrong and the destruction is laid out there for all to see.

Now these people want justice. Spelled m – o – n – e – y.

Money won’t make their shame go away. But if you have no shame, what’s the difference?